Shane’s Flying Disc Show

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I am utilizing Facebook, FlickR, Youtube, Vimeo and WordPress to bring you Shane’s Flying Disc Show and Shane K. Smith Photography.  I have been a photographer and Flying Disc Thrower since elementary School.  I made my first money with a camera in High School and my first money with a Frisbee in 1978. I also made money by teaching Tennis since I was 13.  I am writing this in 2020.

I am going to set my menus up on my web pages so that Shane’s Flying Disc Show comes up first.  Then all my other stories will fill in alphabetically.

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South Sliders

My goal is to have everything in one place in case of the Facebook apocalypse. Now this is a little tricky but I am doing the first couple of South Sliders to draw your attention to my page.  Anything that goes in a slider is also in an album with over 16,000 photos. Here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shanesflyingdiscshow/albums/72157600403970854

Then I do a 180 round house kick and use the Flickr albums as embedded slideshow panels because I can’t afford the web space on Word Press. Some of the Flickr viewers have between 500 to 16,000 photos in them.  That overheats the internet and if you are in an album that should have more photos in it, click around on the viewer and it will take you right to flickr to finish off!

That’s easy for you to say! It took me ten years to find the slideshow button! So We can use two styles. One way you can go through our photos one by one manually. Or I can do an occasional slide show with it.


Here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shanesflyingdiscshow/albums/72157600403970854

South Sliders is a little tricky and takes some finesse on the phone especially.  I was finally able to get my web page to load on just a telephone connection.  I couldn’t break into  Wal-Mart’s wi fi so I used my phone’s connection.  When you see South Sliders a couple of Slide Shows will move the photos every five seconds or you can push one of those dots to get to another photo.  The FlickR slider is touchy on the phone.  I found if I barely touch on the far-right side in the middle, the arrows come up and I can surf each slider with my thumbs.  If I bump it too hard it takes me to Flickr.

South Sliders 20200807

South 1975 era by Shane Ann Adams 20200701

You can pause the Doobie Brothers or let them loop on. I have more tunes at the bottom of the page. You can also click the > or < to make the slides move faster!

Hover your mouse over the albums below and click away. I rely heavily on the < and > keys. I often hold one > down to watch my life flash before me.

shari marlene barry

The above slider is a tour of Shari Shue Sidebottom’s Older Sister’s gas pump collection.

Coming up or Scrolling down will be four

Bill Scott Albums

Bill Scott is playing all the instruments in these selections he gave me years ago.

Bill Scott Audio!
billy & mike strauss NDVD_001 (1)
Bill Scott audio!
bill scott drums The Delmonicos Carolina Danceland sks edited-001 (49)
Bill Scott Audio. Bill plays many different instruments!
Unknown Hinson Bill Scott  by Shane K Smith  Johnny and June
Bill Scott Audio!
Unknown Hinson Visulite Theatre Charlotte Bill Scott Roger Kohrs Danny Baker 20180120_7170 Shane
Bill Scott Audio Originals!

Broke Ass Garage! Mike Yost

Broke Ass Garage  DSC Shane k Smith_3238

Catawba College By Shane Maybe 1977

Catawba Cliff336

Catawba College Sayakini 1978

Catawba College 1978 884

Catawba College Annual 1979

Catawba College 1979 184

Collages By Shane

sfds Shane

Chris Harrington and Karen get Married

Chris Karen Harrington Wedding 04092011 1 DSC_0041

Christmas Lights by Little


Dr. Christopher Campbell

Dr. Christopher Campbell Bowman Gray 20121762

Kahunas Too Much Toni Jackie Overcash

South 1973 Kahunas_6369 TMT Too Much Toni

King’s Forest

kings forest ball game 24bit 2400dpi sksdlide  img203 (6)

Lakeview Family Restaurant

Motorcycle Jade 1994 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Lakeview Family Restaurant 20170516_4081 Batch Edit

Long Farm Family Soaps

Long Family Farm Soaps Judith Basinger Long 2018-03-30 14-28-46 (B,Radius10,Smoothing4) 1

Nelson Royal’s

South 1975 era by Shane Nelson Royals 20131207_2234 Alison

Peggy Hoke’s Mother’s Funeral

peggy hoke

Shane’s Flying Disc Show.

If you don’t see 4,000 photos in the slider. Open the slider to the flickr page by clicking around on it. It can take you to the single shot the album or (somewhere I forgot).



Ricky and Randy Smith

I will have many different albums for

Ricky and Randy

sidekickkarate.com  tag team testimony randy ricky gdt

Ricky and Randy taught a young man to fly for his ceremony in front of other black belts and

Jerry Piddington!

Ricky Randy Sidekick Karate 20180427_2995 e1

South 1971 Red Devil

South Father’s Day

South 1975 era by Shane Alison Elmore Royal McCombs 20160622 fd
South China Grove 1969895
South Red Devil 1970 Tim277
South Red Devil 1971 Tim310

South Red Devil 1970

South 1972 The Devil’s Tale

South 1972 The Devils

South 1973 Turning 60

South 1973 Turning 60_4727

South 1974 Southerner

South by Joyce Jordan Richards

South by Shane and Joyce Neasl Wilkinson 805

South 1975 40 Year Reunion

South Rowan 40 Year Re-Union 20151002_5402

South 1975 40 Year Class Reunion By Sammy

South Slides by Sammy 381 20151007

South 1975 Southscript

South   Southscript 1975 001

South China Grove Junior High 1969

From Joyce Jordan

South Judy Castor Deal

Judy and William Deal go all out in everything they do!

Judy Castor Deal William Trains 20160103_8298

South Judy Castor Deal

I haven’t even done a “spread” on Judy’s quilts yet!

Judy Castor Deal William Deal Trains Open House 20170115_2751

South Mother’s Day

Salisbury Friends Gay White md 20180927

Neal and Jerrod

Neal Wilkinson Jerrod Sanders 20150502_6579

I need to find a new home for Neal and Jerrod’s video. I violated a policy on Vimeo and got in trouble.

If you can find the down arrow on flickr you can also download the entire photo album in full resolution, in a zip file!

I like to hold the > key down and scroll through the stills as fast as my computer’s memory will let me.

South Now 20161015

South 1975 era by Shane South Flip the bird Carol_o

South Rowan Class of 1974 Re-Union 20141026

South Rowan 1974 Re-Union Shane 20141025_5649

South Rip 1975

My 1975 RIP album is not complete. We have been known to put all the way alive people in here. Just ask Frank White or Ricky Morris. Since I have combined 1973 to 1977 my information is piece mealed. I’d rather be honest about it because what I don’t know will totally amaze you!

Judy Goodman_1346437124_n

South Shane’s Tennis, Acting and Frisbee Scrapbook

South Scrap Book from Shane 33 14070493_0e8f6d3f97_o

I don’t know how Bill Baldwin and his wife got in there but I’m going to leave it that way.

South Rowan 1974ish Re-Union

South 1975 Era By Shane  74ish mini reunion Gary

South Rowan Class of 1975 and Misc. Friends

If this album loads it should play over 16,000 photos. If it doesn’t you have to go to FlickR to see them. The slider has about three different FlickR links built in it. Hover your mouse to find the link that works for you.

This Particular album is a bear! The slider view here only shows 6 pages of 162. The beauty is, you can go to flickr by clicking on the links around the frame.

sr Logo for Grouper

South Rowan 1975 Last Wills and Testaments

SRHC Scrapbook 1975001

South Rowan 1975 Mystery Box

This includes lost cheerleading shots, Junior and varsity teams in color. This also includes color shots of South Pacific and a pep band shot.

South 1975 Mystery Box 527

South Rowan 1975 Senior Portraits

South Seniors 1975113 Lisa Dean Cooper

South Rowan Basketball 1975 era

Percy Caldwell on the line with a tie score. Double overtime and a technical foul called on the other team! Percy is called to the line. Percy shoots! It’s Up! IT’S GOOD! The whole crowd goes wild!

South Rowan Men

South Rowan by Gina Safrit

South Rowan Class of 1976 35 Re-Union Shot by Patty Wilson Reynolds

South Rowan 1976 35 year reunion  292258_2868965684084_1868339541_n

South Rowan Class of 1976 40 Year Re-Union

By Shane

South Rowan 1976 40 yr Warrior Golf Club 20160917_0994

South Rowan Vs Davie 1973

South Vs Davie Oct 1973823

South Rowan Shari Shue’s Birthday 20160529

Stag N Doe 209160528_9551

South Southerner 1973

South 1973 Southerner053

South 1974 Southerner

South Southerner 1974 343

South 1975 Senior Southerner

South Southerner 1975563

South Stephen Harris Civil War Professional

South 1975 Era by shane Stephen Harris CFF&V Short  2016-11-13_22-34-19 Civil War Re-Enactment

The 1970 Jacket

The Jacket 1970608

South The 1971 Jacket

The Jacket 1971 664

South The Jacket 1972

The Jacket 1972  730

These are a few extra promo shots saved from the display case from a friend.

South South Pacific

South 1975 era by Shane South Pacific from GS11

South The Mags

South 1975 era by Shane The mags

South Tony Cooper Shepherd’s Album

South 1975 era by Shane   Tonya Cooper Shepherd s Collection These are to be - 1551770277470

South Tina Shoemaker

Tina Shoemaker Smith dogs Ivy Gracie 20150117_5847

South Tug Boxers

Teri Shue McCall tugboxers.com  20101113 (1)

Stag & Doe

South 1975 era by Shane Gary Morton Basketball South

The Sugar Fairy Sweet Shop

The Sugar Fairy Sweet Shop 20170811_3942

Trina Freeze Webster

Trina Freeze Webster Pool The Lucky turn Around 20170521_4145 Batch Edit

Video of Trina Shooting Pool

Zebra Farm

Elk KC 20181013_0465

Best of Bill Scott #18

South Sliders 20200314

South 1975 era by Shane Courtney Parham Stewart 20200219

Audio above by our own Bill Scott!

South Slider 20200401

We are April’s Fools!

South 1975 era by Shane 1977 football Team Joey Champion Greg Poolle
Audio from Bill Scott to get you through the slider!
South 1975 era by shane Ann Mabe Pence 20200408
This is a Sound Track from Bill Scott

South Slider 20200618

South 1975 era by shane Amy Moon 20200617

South Rowan Varsity Basketball


Shane has found over 450 of us from 1973 to 1977. If you are an alumni or connected to family somehow let me know!

You can click on any of these photos. Many are labeled. You can also scroll them.


South Rowan Memorial 1973 to 1977

I’m about to take on a monumental task.  This will take me awhile to get up to speed with the information I have.  I’ve predicted a shift in Social venues for many years and I have decided to take control of my own page so I can direct it wherever I want.  This menu will change because I’m doing it on the fly!

My information is everything I have collected from reunions and hear say on Facebook.  I even created a book once for those of us that have passed on and trusting my information I added Frank White to the group or the dearly departed.  Frank surprised us at one of our re-unions and gave me the honor of signing my book!

I’ll be using the key words RIP, R.I.P. in our Facebook group so I can find conversations better when I need to do a search. Let’s not confuse our 1973 to 1977 group with a group called South Rowan Memorial.  Over 200 of our members belong to the South Memorial group.

Thanks, Shane

I will begin to re-build this section from within our group in my media section.

I have begun a photo section, but remember photos are not always available.

RIP Dale Funderburke. Everyone says it was sudden. November 2020.


From Cherry Power Funderburke. “My Heart is broken, within a matter of hours our life changed forever. On Thanks Giving day my Husband Dale , Gained his wings and is now resting in the arms of God. There are no words to describe all the emotions we are feeling at this time. And lord knows I have no idea we’re to go from here or how to do life without him. Please pray for God to wrap his loving arms around our 6 Boys ,4 Granddaughters a Nephew and Niece. His Brother Dave ,And give them the comfort and love they need to get through this life with out him.”

The galleries are clickable. Click on a photo and you can surf them one by one. Most of them are titled.

RIP Carl Wilkerson

Carl Wilkerson passed on in November 2020. He was a relative of our Pam Jordan. However he was friends to hundreds of South Students. I took this article from the Salisbury Post and Susan Shinn.

An icon of China Grove:’ Former China Grove Elementary students remember custodian Carl Wilkerson

By Susan Shinn Turner
For the Salisbury Post

Thinking back on your school days, you may recall a favorite teacher or two. But for students at China Grove Elementary School, no one was as universally beloved as our custodian, Carl Wilkerson.

Wilkerson, 85, died Sunday after many years of declining health.

Wilkerson worked at the school from the 1960s to the 1990s, retiring after 32 years of service with the school system. After working at school all day, he cleaned at night at businesses around town, including First Union National Bank and China Grove Drug Co. He also worked at Cress Laundromat for 20 years. He rented an apartment in a house across from the business. He never drove a car, but folks around town were happy to give him rides.

Wilkerson worked for three principals: the late John Rudisell, Dr. Alan King, and Dr. Bob Bloodworth.

“I loved Carl to death,” King said Monday. “I was at China Grove Elementary for 11 years. He was there when I got there, and he was there when I left. He always made my day. He was positive and upbeat, and he always had a smile on his face. He loved the children. He treated me with so much more respect than I needed or deserved.”

King remembered the April Fool’s Day when he and Wilkerson switched roles. Wilkerson delivered the morning announcements, while King took up a broom and started sweeping. Even though it was just pretend, Wilkerson took his temporary role seriously, and he was nervous. King told him afterward he did just fine.

Early in her career, teacher Sandra Rogers thought she may be moving to Charlotte when her husband got a transfer. They later changed plans, but not before Wilkerson left a bean pot with an arrangement of artificial fruit in her car.

“I still have that bean pot,” Rogers said Monday. “Every time I look at it, I think of Carl. There is no way to express what a kind, gentle, and loving person he was. He was a true gentleman.”

For whatever reason, a child throwing up at school was often commonplace.

“I’d call him on the radio and I’d say, ‘Carl, we’ve got an accident,’ and he’d say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,’” King said. “One day I asked him why he thanked me, and he said, ‘I’m just happy to have a job and happy to help out.’ I never heard him complain about his job.”

Carole Yost Parrott was one of those students who threw up once at school.

“He never made you feel bad about it,” Parrott said Monday. “He said, ‘It’s OK, honey. It’s OK.’ He was just happiness. Here I am 52 years old, and he is one of the people who stands out to me in elementary school. He was just as important as any teacher or principal who was there.”

Michael Brotherton agrees.

“Everybody knew Carl,” he said Monday. “He was an icon of China Grove.”

He added, “He was one great guy. He was a humble and loving person. He’d ask for volunteers to run the ice cream store and we’d all get excited about that. Everybody just loved him.”

Wilkerson was known for sometimes buying ice cream for students who didn’t have any money, and being a listening ear when they needed him.

“I was just a skinny little black man,” he said once. “They just wanted to talk to me about things, everyday problems. I told them to pray over it and take it to the good Lord.”

A Facebook page called The Grove is filled with hundreds of tributes to Wilkerson. Many former students visited him when he was in local nursing homes.

John Freeze knew Wilkerson’s faith ran deep. “You better be ready to hear about Jesus!” he wrote.

Others wrote of Wilkerson’s sweetness and kind and caring nature.

“Everybody needs a Carl,” Su Krotchko wrote.

“He is the perfect example of how a life quietly lived for good can affect the world,” Becky Morris wrote. “He worked hard but always had a kind word and a smile for everyone. We all remember him with affection. Ripple or butterfly effect — whatever. Carl made this world a better place.”

Caroline Marshall found out Wilkerson was at Liberty Commons because her beautician’s mother was there, too. She remembered Wilkerson, and began to visit him, taking him treats such as pudding and Vienna sausages.

“I know I was not the only person going to see him,” she said Monday.

Wilkerson loved getting cards and visits. At one point several years ago, his doctor had to limit the amount of visitors.

Marshall, who is an artist, would like to make a tribute to Wilkerson in calligraphy and give to the school.

“I’m going to pursue it,” she said.

As of Monday, others were discussing additional ideas about how to best memorialize Wilkerson.

Wilkerson was one of three brothers born to the late Willie and Irene Wilkerson.

In his own way, Wilkerson, too, was a teacher.

“He may have been a custodian,” Gene Doby wrote, “but he taught his kids at China Grove Elementary School a lot. He was a true educator.””

The galleries are clickable. Click on a photo and you can surf them one by one. Most of them are titled.

Special Needs, Homeless or Pan Handling Superstars

Of course, there may be a deeper story.  One day I plan to hand out a little money to some tragically homeless to document life on the median.  There is a big difference from those that need it and those that don’t.  Unless they were connected to the elderly couple living in their car at Sheetz for the day then I’ll probably get my Godsmacks or a visit from the Karma Queen for thinking this. Pan handling is lucrative and there are turf wars in Winston.  The homeless are getting aggressive and mean.  I witnessed this guy slap a car and run screaming after the couple that must have said something smart when they went by.  He was screaming BITCH, WHORE…the usual and standing in traffic shouting COME BACK HERE BITCH Come On!  He looked like he was more on steroids than meth. He glared into the car windows using his female partner and his obviously pregnant dog as distraction.  I thought they had the dog on a short leash for the median.  But she was so well behaved she didn’t move off the block with hundreds of cars passing.  But this good-looking couple were doing sprints on a very familiar cross way at the Lexington Winston-Salem border line. I mean running to the vehicles like athletes.  I figured it was “Drug Money Day” as they don’t have to walk too far to the drug store! But my rage at this perfectly healthy couple was shattered when I saw a guy with two wooden legs and palsy hobble from a car facing the couple into Sheetz.  But I couldn’t bring myself to aim my camera at him.  If they become regulars I will know. I was trying to justify in my mind why a couple in this great of shape were panhandling. A closer look on the female I can see she has bit her nails to the bone. There are two very attractive twenty something girls working the grocery store and Academy street near Old Salem.  I just haven’t had the right opportunity to do the right story.  For there are some truly helpless people out there. I also noticed a hooptie looking vehicle with a temporary tag on it.  But I didn’t shoot it.

I’ve seen towns where the homeless grab your wipers and wash your windows whether you want them to or not.   I didn’t see any pandering tags.  All I could make out on the good-looking woman was a fit bit and a watch.  This male is going to peer in to the family of some town officials before long, then they just won’t pass them by anymore. I saw a deputy from Davidson blow by without even blinking not  long after the shouting incident and blocking of traffic.

Jump in if you can help me tell the pan handlers where to go for help.  But chances are slim they will ask for any because the money is too good at rush hour!


Rumors are Whoopie may have lost her care taker. I missed a chance to buy her a coke as we past right by each other. Our paths cross frequently.

Whoopie’s Bike

This is Whoopie’s Bike. I have seen her with three different bikes.  Or she modifies her bikes. On close inspection you can see the chain is off track. She is usually seen pushing her bike.

 People from Winston-Salem aren’t sure if she is homeless or if she just likes to walk her bike all over a large town.  I am on the same path as her.  Tonight 20201130 I saw her sleeping in a booth at a local restaurant.  I couldn’t bring myself to aim my camera at her.  But her bike rocks.  I don’t know what the special tape means.  The monkey seems to be the current fashion statement!  She used to have a special doll that road on the front handle bars.

Sigma Through windshield Winston Salem Homeless Office

South 35 By Sammy

We still call him Sammy! He is the only photographer among all of us that has been flown to college sports events, been given his own office and run of the stadiums! At one of our re-unions I was set to do some portraits and my lights failed. Sam Roberts saved the day as he pulled out a few strobes out of his bag of tricks. This was a fun re-Union. Bill Scott showed up after most of you had left. He came straight from a pro music gig. You can see the time on the clock says 12 something am and Shane is the designated driver! Sammy stayed to take the shot. Sammy is one of two people that ever asked me if I needed help carrying all my equipment back to the truck! Why Hell Yes I do! Thanks! Scott Smith, the lucky guy that married Donna Phillips is the other one. Thank You, Thank You Very much!

South Rowan 35 SamR_SRClassof1975_1001

South Slider Thanksgiving 20201125

Julie Basinger Deal made the top feature photo. That photo sits by itself. The bottom set will let you scroll 88 photos by using the < or > keys. Just set your mouse on top of the image. It may take you to FlickR if you bump the flickR link. But it will stay here if you are careful. This slider on wordpress squeezed some photos, especially mine but we thin out on flickr! I’ll get with Tech Support and learn how to fix it.

South 1975 era by shane Ricky Baugess "Adam" 20201110

If you are from South Rowan High School from the 1973 to 1977 era Shane K Smith has found over 450 of us! Come join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/South1973to1977

Aroo Hu Loves Taco Too!

RU my HU?

Hu or Huwa (Arabic: هُوَ‎ meaning “He”) is a name for God in Sufism. Literally, Hebrew and Arabic for the English third person and is used in Sufism to avoid attributation of a grammatical gender to Allah. In Sufism Hu or Huwa is the pronoun used with Allah or God, and is used as a name of God.

Hu – Urban Dictionary

www.urbandictionary.com › define › term=Hu

It said “HU,” which Urban Dictionary says means “HookUp,” so obviously your friend is looking to hook up with you.

www.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › Hu

Hu definition is – an ancient Tatar people of northwest China related to the … Which of the following Q-without-U words means the number five in cards or dice?

  1. Hu(ProperNoun)

of east Asian derivation.

Etymology: From hwō. Cognate with Old Frisian hū, hu (Dutch hoe), wuo.

  1. Hu(ProperNoun)

A name for God in the Eckankar religion.

Etymology: From hwō. Cognate with Old Frisian hū, hu (Dutch hoe), wuo.

  1. Hu(ProperNoun)

A chant consisting of many people singing “Hu” together.

Etymology: From hwō. Cognate with Old Frisian hū, hu (Dutch hoe), wuo.

  1. hu(Pronoun)

they .

Etymology: From hwō. Cognate with Old Frisian hū, hu (Dutch hoe), wuo.

  1. hu(Pronoun)

them .

Etymology: From hwō. Cognate with Old Frisian hū, hu (Dutch hoe), wuo.

  1. hu(Adjective)

their .

Etymology: From hwō. Cognate with Old Frisian hū, hu (Dutch hoe), wuo.

Editors Contribution(5.00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition:

  1. hu

HU=dirt MAN=spirit of God

Submitted by anonymous on July 25, 2020  

  1. Hu

A shape, sound, tone, and color.

We all have a hu as a man or woman.

Etymology: Gods personal crafts or hu.

The Hu is also a kick ass band. I’m not talking about The Who. I am talking about The Hu!

For Love of the Beard

(704) 636-9864

We looked for years for the perfect Schnauzer breeder. In 2020 we got lucky! Aroo Hu picked us. If you can make it to NC and are looking for a Schnauzer shoot me an email at shaneksmith1957@gmail.com. I’ll aim you in the right direction. As of 20200111 she has 9 males to place. She is expecting to breed again maybe this spring and more likely the fall of 2020.


Ruff Life Grooming in Clemmons, NC (336) 331-3999

You can also click on each photo separately.

Judy Castor Deal and William Deal

William and Judy are just too cool for school! Everything they do is golden and thoughtful. This post isn’t over as I will be posting previous videos on their Christmas collection and their trains. I bet there aren’t many people you know that have a miniature train in their yard. For now I leave you with this cool before and after slider and a quote from William.. There are almost 35 years between photos but Judy makes 60ish look like 40ish! From William Deal. “Thirty-two years later: Same location, same time of year, same girl, same red sweater (the one I gave her for Christmas in 1974), different red two-seater. She says RED is her color…”

Christmas with The Deals 2016

Judy Castor Deal William Trains 20160103_8298

Train Ride 2016

Today’s date is 20201119.  Since 2016 The deals have put much more love into their train cars restoring them to practically new condition.  I hope to get another chance to participate in their generous Christmas or other occasions!

Christmas 2017

Judy Castor Deal William Deal Trains Open House 20170115_2751

Fun new Slider

Photos by William Deal

Use your mouse to drag the slider to the before and after view. Obviously Judy found the fountain of youth. You wouldn’t know thirty years have passed between photos!

I think Judy looks younger in the after shot than she does in the before shot!