Bill Scott Drums

Bill Scott Drums!

I call him Billy and get in trouble for it. I get the privilege because we have been friends since High School!  Billy has always had a few bands going at the same time.  He figured out a way to make a living doing what he loves and only %2 of the population can do that.  He has been smart by staying local.  He did branch out in 1995 and hooked up with a musical act that was signed by Capitol records! He plays any Genre! He has given me backstage access to many of his shows and had tickets waiting for me at the door.  He is a class act!  He is my friend! He also teaches locally in Rowan County.

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Bill Scott with Mike Strauss

Opening for

New Riders of The Purple Sage!

billy & mike strauss NDVD_001 (1)

Bill Scott Drums Combo

This will be a test to see the limits of the FlickR “EmbedR”.  There are over 1200 photos in this album.

bill scott drums The Delmonicos Carolina Danceland sks edited-001 (99)

Billy has


on one of his albums!


Bill Scott Drums

Unknown Hinson at Johnny and June’s

The opening act was The Josh Black Band. Bill Scott Unknown Hinson Roger Kohrs Visulite Theatre Charlotte, NC

Bill Scott Drums


Unkown Hinson

Bill Scott, Unknown Hinson and Roger Kohrs play the Visulite Theatre Charlotte, NC

Opening acts

Diving Board and The Deep Ends

The Penitentials

Unknown Hinson Visulite Theatre Charlotte Bill Scott Roger Kohrs Danny Baker 20180120_7170 Shane
Unknown Hinson Bill Scott  by Shane K Smith  Johnny and June's _9571 Roger Kohrs

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