Country Stores

I think people that can run Country Quick stops or any quick stops are basically Rock Stars! You should try it for a month. If you last more than a day you can probably do anything. You have to be brave, talented and have arms like an Octopus!


I was working a store in Salisbury when I was around 18. One night around 2am a frequent customer called Indian threw himself up against the front door. He smashed his whole face and body against the door and slid into the store leaving a bloody trail. He’d been stabbed about a dozen times. I got the Cops and rescue there. It was an exciting night.

Clemmons Milling Company



Just below is a little Country Store on the Way to Tanglewood that is very popular. They have cooked chicken. They have a picnic table. However right at the moment the name fails me. As I update this. I’ll bring back a name.

I can do a better job for the above store.

The Depot in Cody Creek, NC.

All of the photos wouldn’t load for The Depot so I am going to try a SlickR FlickR slde show vier. Don’t panic if you end up on FlickR. You can see most of the shots here by using the < or > cursors.

Cody Creek, NC The Depot Country Store 20160723_1456


Country Stores Advance, NC


Country Store C Mart and Smoke Shop


The above store exploded into flames when a Drunk Driver ran into one of the pumps. The store clerk dragged the young driver out of his truck and into safety.

Kountry Market, Lexington, NC.

The above store was taken a few years ago before 2023. They were located off Bringle Ferry Rd near High Rock Lake or Hwy 8. They have since closed. The young lady on the left did an awesome job and I can’t understand why the store would close. They had lots of competition from Tamarac Marina which doubles as a Restaurant. Tamarac often hosts bands. I’ve never considered Tamarac a Country Store, but it basically is. There is a campground nearby and they have a boat landing. Across from Tamarac is a restaurant owned by The Pence family called Lakeview Restaurant. I went to school. with one of the owners. Both places have an awesome view of the lake off Bringle Ferry Rd in Salisbury, NC.

Lakeview Family Restaurant




Tamarac Marina in Salisbury, NC

In 2016 Tamarac hired Too Much Toni to play in the Gazebo.



Tamaquack Marina

Reedy Creek Food Mart


The owner Malick of Reedy Creek is one of the kindest most informative men I have ever met. He enjoys when I come by to fill up three tanks of gas and always spends time to talk with me. I’m certain to have spelled his name incorrectly. One day I will take his photograph!


Tabby Keen’s Country Store

She ran a store like you could not believe. She had twenty things going on at once. I could easily have become one of those guys that sits outside a country store for hours at a time.