Steve Lee, r.i.p.

From Lee Troutman

Lee Troutman

I remember! I was almost in that car… We ate lunch at Steve’s house… couple of times each week. Cheese sandwich or cucumber sandwich with miracle whip, was one of Steve’s favorites… Mrs. Campbell held me up, when our Spanish class ended, for cutting up in class… When I made it to the side door, I could see the Vega turning left, and heading out of the parking lot! I’ll never forget that day! About 10 years ago, I shared that story with Mrs. Campbell. She probably saved my life that day…

Jane Edwards

Lee Troutman It was a terrible time. I’m glad you didn’t get in the car!👍💙

Lee Troutman

Jane Edwards For several years, I often vividly dreamed of sitting in Steve’s bedroom, and talking to him… Same setting, different conversations, that were really lifelike and peaceful… That tragic day was extremely hard on Barry and Steve’s families…Barry helped care for his mother, and he was a good friend too… About a month or so, before it happened, I remember Steve’s dad asking him about his bald tires… They needed to be replaced, showing wear… So, that played into the scenario, when his car went broadside right in front of Oak Grove Methodist Church, where my family and I attended… Baseball tryouts were coming up, and that was what our last conversation was about! Making the playoffs our Senior year!

Friends, I will be adding to this as I can.

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