Motorcycle BMW Sade RCR Longhorn Cattle

There is something about a bike that makes you wanna stop and check out the Longhorn Cattle! Oh home on the range. Where the BMW and Richard Childress’ long horn cattle play!

First week out. I need a helmet adjustment and I can’t keep the clutch side hand cover tight.

20230901 My bike is in the shop for the 12,000 mile inspection. I am missing her. I look at the 1300 and am thinking I like the cooking fins!

BMW & Ducati Motorcycles Fever added a new photo to the album: BMW R 1300 GS, M 1300 GS & R 1400 GS.

BMW R 1300 GS

The R 1300 GS loses 12 kg compared to the R 1250 GS and therefore returns to the R 1200 GS weight.

The weight is lower for 3 reasons: no cooling fins, alu frame and semi dry sump. Of course the bigger radiators and radars add some weight, but globally 12 kg are lost!


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