Melvin Aikers


RIP Melvin Akers Class of 1973

Steve Fulcher

I loved Melvin like a brother. When I was with EMS, he was at the North Kannapolis station of the Sheriff’s department. We ran across each other frequently on calls and he stopped by our Landis base frequently. We knew that we covered when he showed up and he know we had him covered before anyone else. EMS, FD and LE develop a unique bond in the field.

It’s an unwritten rule that no one needs to tell you – you just learn that shortly after day one.

Shane K Smith

There is always a new dimension to your talent

Steve Fulcher

! I can’t remember knowing your were also an EMS. I heard it in a Steven Seagal movie. You learned to save a life and take a life. I hope a post now and then means you can move a little.

Rita Akers

should hear this story so I’ll tag her.

Buck Gibson

Wayne Alley

Steve Fulcher

Sidney R Sidebottom

Stephanie Bass Hoffecker

DC Goodman

Dawn Cavin

Steve Fulcher

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