Scott Starr, R.I.P. October 2022

Scott reached out to us on many occasions for awhile. My best for now is to try my best to keep some of his work alive. If you can get his treasures to me I can preserve them.

I will be editing this page a lot. So visit from time to time and keep his memory alive.

It is highly likely I have duplicated some videos and photos. I will correct as I can.

From Tom Leitner.

Freestyle Frisbee Players

Tom Leitner   ·   ·

RIP Scott Starr
Scott Starr was widely recognized as one of the top surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and freestyle frisbee photographers of the 1980s and 90s. He took some of most iconic freestyle photos of sport from Palm park in SB to World Disc in Santa Cruz and beyond.
He was also a great freestyler who loved the wind game. It was amazing to watch him play with his partner Jay Hinkle and all the other jammers at Palm Park over the years. He was a man of few words but when he did say something, it was usually funny or insightful.
It is such a shame that he was inflicted with such a debilitating illness which he fought so courageously for years. He did his best to help others in need of herbal medicine even before it was legalized. Those who had the fortune of getting to know Scott understand how special he was.
We’ll cherish the times we got to jam, hang out, have a beer and share a joint with him. Now we’ll look up into the night sky which will light up a bit brighter as a new Starr will be shining down on us.
Check out this video from ’95 Ventura (Scott and Jay Hinkle)

This video is of Scott being interviewed on FUEL TV DAILY HABIT

And here’s a funny interview with Scott on a skateboarding show…

Duplicates are highly likely here!–uX4TUFmTYFx7oT5dIq6w1M

From Ken Millar

Scott’s Grand Parents on his Mother’s side.

Scott Starr from John Wall.

For Richard!

For Richard!

Christopher Ryan Ann Zemaitis
Scott Starr from Marie Geare
Freestyle Frisbee Players
Thomas Cole  · Sonrestpdo3m4g58cu084hh1u5u457555cla243cilf6176a4050u1u6456i  ·

This popped up in my photos recently. Photo by the one and only Scott Starr. Scott and I were freestyle partners at the 1988 FPA Worlds in Santa Barbara, our home town. Neither of us competed much, more into jamming at the time, though we entered the amateur division that year. And we won the title! Here I am doing a monster delay. Chipper taught me and said he’d never seen such a clean center delay into monster in his life.
Always fun to look back in what we were doing a few years ago. RIP Scotty. We love you dude

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