Judy Castor Deal and William Deal

William and Judy are just too cool for school! Everything they do is golden and thoughtful. This post isn’t over as I will be posting previous videos on their Christmas collection and their trains. I bet there aren’t many people you know that have a miniature train in their yard. For now I leave you with this cool before and after slider and a quote from William.. There are almost 35 years between photos but Judy makes 60ish look like 40ish! From William Deal. “Thirty-two years later: Same location, same time of year, same girl, same red sweater (the one I gave her for Christmas in 1974), different red two-seater. She says RED is her color…”

Christmas with The Deals 2016

Judy Castor Deal William Trains 20160103_8298

Train Ride 2016

Today’s date is 20201119.  Since 2016 The deals have put much more love into their train cars restoring them to practically new condition.  I hope to get another chance to participate in their generous Christmas or other occasions!

Christmas 2017

Judy Castor Deal William Deal Trains Open House 20170115_2751

Fun new Slider

Photos by William Deal

Use your mouse to drag the slider to the before and after view. Obviously Judy found the fountain of youth. You wouldn’t know thirty years have passed between photos!

I think Judy looks younger in the after shot than she does in the before shot!

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