South SlickR FlickRs and South Sliders Merge.

Thank You For The Feature Photo. The Feature Photo is the top photo!

Painting by Susan Lolley!

The hardest part of creating albums is staying consistent with labeling the albums.  I fail often in this respect.  However I am very close. I may miss a sorting event by a letter or two or even a number.  But I stay at it. I make mistakes as fast as I can.  When I began creating my WordPress page I had in mind that it would be a great place for our South Group backup in case Facebook explodes. Web page space on WordPress is expensive.  So I began using  an awesome embedding tool that WordPress provided.  This tool enabled me to create slide shows of our friends from the FlickR website.  So I came up with a name and called them South Sliders.  Then the sliders from FlickR quit working for about a year or more.  They hyperlinked to FlickR but did not let  my friends view them one at a time from the WordPress page.  FlickR blamed WordPress and  WordPress blamed FlickR.  That took me two months of talking to support people.  I was at a stand still.  So sometimes I loaded photos to my WordPress and created galleries right on the Wordress site.

Then I found a plug-in for FlickR called SlickR FlickR.  I kid you not. It makes WordPress and FlickR play well together again. SlickR FlickR has some features I haven’t learned yet, however I will try to get more creative as I go.  Then my web page wigged out and all my menus became scrambled.  Facebook  was putting all their time into Meta and my Facebook pages are on acid or something.  Everything wanted to blow up at once or fall down like a house of cards.  So I hung on as hard as I could.  Things are beginning to run a bit more smoothly on all ends.

My Goal for this evening is to unpause (un-archive) our South group and put a link to a revised page.   I am going to merge all my South Sliders and SlickR FlickRs into one page. Hover your finger or mouse over the middle of the far right side of the lead photo and arrows will appear. You can then navigate the photos as fast as your computer or phone will let you. You might bump a hyper-link and end up on FlickR but I hope you make it back. Or hang around on FlickR. Sometimes FlickR smashes a photo up on the WordPress side. If I can figure out how to fix that I will!

So here we go!

This is the latest SlickR FlickR to date 20211110

South 1975  era by Shane football team 1973 JV Football 3_o
South 1975 era by shane Agricultiural leaders from Lynn Hinson 20210515
South 1975 era by Shane Keith Sutton 20201223
South 1975 era by shane Amy Moon 20200617
South 1975 era by Shane Courtney Parham Stewart 20200219
South 1975 era by Shane 1977 football Team Joey Champion Greg Poolle
South 1975 era by shane Ann Mabe Pence 20200408
South 1975 era by Shane Angie Miller 20200825 RIP
South 1975 era by Shane Ann Adams 20200701
South 1975 era by Shane Alison Elmore Royal-Combs 20201007
South 1975 era by Shane Ann Adams 2 20201129
South 1975 era by shane Amy Moon 20200927
South 1975 era by shane Ricky Baugess "Adam" 20201110
South 1975 era by Shane Amy Moon 20201227 md
South 1975 era by Shane  Cathy on the line_o
South FlickR Slickr

These will be updated on a regular basis. When update my subscribers don’t get a notice. If I can find a way to fix that I will. I will try to stay consistent and announce in our Facebook Group when I update.

And I have tunes below!

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