Bonnie Albright R.I.P.

20220329. Darryl Albright is with Bonnie Albright. My momma passed away this morning. She fault a hard fight. She was on the ventilator for 53 days. I’m going to miss her very much I love you momma. Nell Valentine LechnerSouth Rowan by Shane ’73 to ’77 Update on Bonnie Albright from Cindy Tilley Upright. PleaseContinue reading “Bonnie Albright R.I.P.”

Lynne Scott Safrit

South Sparkles 20210809 Lynne Scott Safrit Greece This is an interesting side effect. I was hoping I could juggle adobe and wordpress. But for now The animation effect is still scrolling or appearing to load on the WordPress end. It may mean that i use the collage on spark but not put an animation inContinue reading “Lynne Scott Safrit”