Bubba Blackwell Motorcycle Stuntman




You can tell a class act when you meet one!  In this case I met two!  Bubba Blackwell and his partner Ron worked their asses off in 100 degree plus weather for two shows at Smokin’ Harley Davidson in Winston-Salem, NC 20190713!  He treated me to a first-class spot and made me feel at home right away!  I’ll have some video ready before long!  I’d love to see his big truck jumping ramp set up but there just wasn’t room where we were.  I got a kick out of  his five-biker chick jump!  One biker chick was strapped with a nine or a 40 so if he missed she could come up shooting!

Thank You Bubba!

Thank You Ron!


The Famous Five Biker Babe jump will be reloaded via youtube. Stay tuned up!

Full Resolution photos on Flickr.  Use the Flickr photos.  Facebook steps on a 25mb Flickr photo and smashes it to 78kb.  There should be a download option on Flickr.com.


Mash on the ▶️ forward button to see those photos come to life!

Motorcycle Stunt Rider Bubba Blackwell Harley Davidson Smokin Harley 20190713_0138

Bubba’s Youtube



A special thanks to:

 Full Throttle Magazine for making time to send me the uncut version of this photo!


Diane Hoffman Presents Havoc

Well!  Hell Yeah!

Diane Hoffman Presents Havoc 20190217

After Hours Tavern

1614 N. Main St.

High Point, NC 27262

First you have to pick up a guitar or a set of drum sticks then learn how to play.  Then you have to find a dedicated singer or fake it yourself.  Now ,You can stay in your Mom’s basement for 40 years but eventually you are going to have to sell an act.  Most of us can’t even make plans with a Hot Date where we are going to go for the night.  Try Organizing just one show for a band.  You make sure the band and all the band’s guests are taken care of.  Then comes the media.  You want to give the photographers and videographers as much latitude as possible unless they are socially unacceptable.

The first thing you know are the bands fan club is going to come and hold their I phones in the face of the band blocking your pro shot.  It is a new thing.  Watch where the pro photographer is setting up then run in front of him with your Iphones.  But this fan club isn’t getting a shot.  They are moving their Iphones and shaking them with the beat of the music.

No band or photographer or videographer is worth a damn without a good sound and light man!  I would love to met Craig Clarke in Sarasota someday.  I wanted to give a special Shout out to the Sound  man and the light  show guy Larry Hedrick from After Hours Tavern.  The club was clean and didn’t smell like bar rot.  You know that bar rot…..The kind that eats the rubber off the waitresses and bar tender’s shoes and burns their feet!

Diane Hoffman is a gifted singer and musician.  She pulls two jobs and also manages to  keep bands together and finds them nice places to play!  Havoc along with Larry Hedrick the light guy made it  easy to photograph and get video of their metal rock band.  The drummer was set up on a stage and the cymbals weren’t blocking his face.  The musicians didn’t step over each other and made it easy to get full shots and close ups of them working together.  The tough part was getting over all the  IPhones.

Havoc had a Judas Priest like singer in the audience, Brian Meyer and let him get on stage.  Then my favorite, Diane Hoffman kicked off her shoes and sang rock and Roll and the blues right out of the starting gate.  Havoc traveled from Myrtle Beach to entertain us in High Point.  The opening act was  awesome too!

When I get together with Diane I’ll get contact info on how to book her bands.  When the opening act contacts me I’ll pass along the contact info.

Diane made it possible for you guys to use these photos.  Please download the high resolution photos on Flickr and not the stepped on version on facebook.  Facebook has a purpose  But they mash a 30mb photo to 80kb. Give Shane K. Smith a credit when you share, put my name on your album cover if you use them for an album (CD).  Give me back stage passes!  When the money starts flowing pass some around!


Mark Weddington: guitar and vocals

Binny Orell: guitar and vocals

Jace Weddington: bass and vocal  

Joel Ayers :drums

For now my Vimeo account is down 20200424. I am going to leave my page in limbo because they may give it back to me. I violated some copy-rite laws. Vimeo sent me a refund but can’t let me come back. I knew I did the wrong thing. I will reload this video via youtube or another video viewing site. Stay Tuned! Doing Doing Doing Doing!

.gif image of Havoc.


South Master Collections by Shane

South work folder27 Collage 20180729

South Links from Shane




The master collections are here:


I fckd up bad. I loaded a bunch of political videos on a web page where my South videos are. Someone violated me. So I will be rebuilding for awhile. I had over 450 videos on Vimeo.

I have video here: https://www.youtube.com/user/shaneksmith1957/search….

When you get to my youtube link, type south in the search bar.


Some of these spark albums are all over the place.  Remember like on WordPress, you can click on individual photos and see titles then you can use the arrow buttons to navigate.  On FlickR you can actually search for each other. Spark is a creation by adobe that allowed me a new way to set up my photos. However their end result is they want me locked into adobe. It hasn’t worked for me yet but I came up with a few good experiments I would rather not delete!












Halloween at Shane and Vera’s


I used my photo space limits up very quickly because I hate to reduce the size of my photos. So, I began to use the FlickR “EmbedR”.  When you scroll through the top photos don’t forget that they are albums from FlickR.  If you hover your mouse or finger to the far right of the photo to about halfway down the top photo a flickR > symbol appears and you can scroll through the photos. Sometimes when I view this way the viewer bumps me to FlickR.  But I try not to stray away from the button.  If you want to view each photo in full resolution you can click on the FlickR logo or my url and it will take you to FlickR.  But please hurry back.  Eventually I may have most of my work embedded here.  I’ll use my available space on WordPress for photo sliders Unless I am showing off my best work.

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007 (87)

Halloween 2009

Halloween Blog Master 101309 DSC_0006 (113)

Halloween 2010

Halloween Picketts 20101030  (40)

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 1031120013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 Shane Grand Pa 20130506    _0303

Hallowen 2014

Halloween 2014 20140908_3223

Halloween 2015

Halloween House Fence Piedmont Fence 20151014_7699 Dogs Taco

Halloween 2016

Halloween 20160709_0175

Halloween 2017

Halloween2017  Found the working Fog machine new laser! 20170420_4013 1994 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Layla Ram 3500

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 Shane K Smith by Vera Long Beard 20180321_2521 Bearded

Halloween 2019

Dogs Bobaloo Halloween skull 20190817_0047-2

Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 Dogs Puppy Teeth Ice Cream Carton 20200310_3051

Air brushing with a new dog friend for my dog Alpha. A quick five and a short mini delay!

These .gif images may say click me but aren’t hyperlinked to anywhere for now.

Hey Tyler and Julie!

I set the Frisbee down for long spurts. So long I won’t write about it yet. Lately I’ve been hanging out with my cool dogs Taco and Aroo at Tanglewood park. Out of the blue came this way cool girl named Julie. Julie helped me practice some tricks. She brought a way cool friend to the park with her next time named Tyler. Julie and Tyler have been helping me get back in shape. We are doing it a bit at a time because we have to also watch our dogs closely. These kids have helped me knock the dust off my cool bag of tricks and I am very grateful! If you two made it this far. I’ve put the easy link up to all my you tube videos. I may even load them one at a time here. However, I am right in the middle of re arranging Shane’s Flying Disc Show’s web page. For now that web page bounces here to my photography page. Today is 20200421. I closed my facebook page so I could juggle all of my videos from Vimeo around. That only makes sense if you understand I put a lot of effort in my Facebook page. I re-united over 450 of my old High School friends and that wasn’t easy. I did something wrong by posting some cuts of the National news on Vimeo and I knew better, but I cut the video from the TV and posted it. So I got booted off of Vimeo. I have no excuses, I did the wrong thing. But my web page as a whole is a bit torn up right now because I embedded a lot of my videos that I did on my own to Vimeo. I’m going to leave it in a mess just in case they re-instate the links. In the meantime here are a bunch of how to links on youtube. Then I’ll post a portion of some tricks you can practice like I was trying to show you today to see how it looks.


Here is a series of Freestyle tricks to work on. I took this from the set of youtube videos from the link above.

Here are some Mini tricks for kids Julie’s age.

Here are some Mini tricks for a large audience of kids that are more Tyler’s age. My friend Tyler is just now entering Middle School and picks up on my tricks very quickly. So does Julie!

Here are a few throws we will work on!

I can’t resist this one. About 33.42 I hit a basket from full court on the tenth shot. People liked that as much as anything, especially in Kentucky and North Carolina because they like watching things go through the hoop! This is the large portion of a 45 minute to an hour demo that I did three times a day. One day I did this seven times! That was seven times in six different cities with set up and tear down of a large PA system!






Julie, I just remembered. Some of the music I used on my Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) videos was from a musician and producer named Quincy Jones.



Ju Ju Julio Julie got to me today. She took off back to Kentucky! Girls from Kentucky are good at trashining my heart. Good thing is she might come back to visit.




Special thanks to Scott Thompson! Scott is the creator of the X-Disc! I’ve had more fun with X-Discs than I can put in words. Using this Disc is an ideal way to bring in a crowd and put a smile on someone’s face!

Shane Raises Money to Help Fight Muscular Dystrophy. He makes a Pit Stop in Ohio to Spin The Dialing for Dollars Wheel!

Shane’s Flying Disc Show Spins The Dialing For Dollars Wheel for WUAB TV 43 with Jack Reynolds! Shane Toured Ohio raising money for Muscular Dystrophy.

Maggie, But what do you really do for a living?

I could randomly be seen running around the front page of newspapers and sneaking into TV studios “Spinning” The dialing for dollars wheel! After all, The wheel does look like a Flying Disc! You mentioned Ohio before your Pizza date but I thought you might get a kick out of this.

Pineville Recreation Department 2004

Then the cutest little girl in the park said

“Throw it over here OLD MAN”



Shane often made the front page News or the evening news kickers! The only problem traveling from town to town before the internet was born was keeping up with all the news articles! Shane would be four hours down the road by the time the front page hit the press!