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Dear Blog friends. Bare with me for about two more months of posting memorials for my High School Alumni group. All the information I have gathered may be inaccurate. For example as far as we know Frank White is still alive! The rest of us are Hanging in there and really I bet you want something positive. So I’m going to break up this rhythm and start a new rhythm. I promise to post more fun things and show off my photography skills or lack thereof!

The way I am going about straightening out the clutter of Facebook is to go back asswards from the bottom of the comment section. I place those comments with any photo I can find for those that have passed on. Good thing I don’t keep a list of those of us that have passed out! Then I am getting used to the boxes I have to check. I delete photos as I go from my first attempt. I seem to have about 30 down and 30 to go. I’ve given strict orders for the rest of us to hang on and stay alive until I finish. Then I can get on with catching up, which really I don’t think will ever happen. But that is the secret to hanging in there and staying alive. Give yourself something to do. Balance out what you do for yourself with what you do for others. Practice what you love to do or practice what you hate to do, either way you stay busy!

Those people in the feature photo are old! They are the class of 1973! I don’t think I can count that high! They better do something fun fast!

The image below is clickable of the 1974 event. I don’t want to post all re-unions here. I’m just trying to spice up the memorial a bit!

South 1975 era by Shane Mary Smith 20150824

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