I’ve made some new friends with a Classic Car group!  Thanks Cook Staley and Cliff Hearne for letting me photograph your cars.  I will get to the rest of the group in upcoming shows. For now Cook’s other friend’s names have slipped by me but as time goes by I will get to know them.  We have to find a fuzzy guitar that spins around for Cliff!  If my wife ever sees Cliff’s other Hot Rod I may just lose her.  So I’ll have to hang on tight!

A few of the cars like the Cadillac, The Mustang and The Beetle aren’t in 50/50, but they should be!

These photos are from 2016.

50/50 Street Rodders sponsor a Cancer awareness group with a Bad Ass Dragster!


You Gotta See Elsie Lee!

Because miles aren’t long enough!

Find Cook!

Slow Motion. I was just trying something different.

This photo will also link to flickR and some High Rez photos of a 2016 event.

50-50  Street Rodders 20160712_1300
Park Guell

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