Myrtle Beach Travel Park

I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to pull into a large park and have a few feet between neighbors. Almost every spot in campgrounds in Myrtle Beach or Surfside are so close you can hand your neighbor a drink from each other’s door step. You might look at this stormy feature photo and think those campers are close. That is until you get a few years in and out of parks. Sandburs or Foot Fuckers come with most every camp in Myrtle. But this is a nice clean camp. Motorcycles have to live at the front of the camp. The GPS took me straight into the camp with no in town distractions. I didn’t even know it was bike week. I only had five nights. I was close to a Walmart and a couple of strip malls with gas close by. This trip I didn’t pick up my cameras but for the storm that welcomed me the first night. Timing was perfect for the storm as it formed after I set up. Storms blow out a beach town and clean the air. My biggest goal was to take my Schnauzer on walks and get my feet in the water!

I want to go back . Next time I’m shaving my Schnauzer bald so the sandburs aren’t so much work to take out of her fur.

This little creature with cartoon eyes is from a previous trip.


Aroo and Taco preparing for separate vacation.

Aroo ruffing it at beach.

Ride and wrench forever and ever!

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