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All I can say is Thank You to the man smart enough to code the WordPress FlickR Glitch. He sure saved me a lot of web space!

Are you confused yet? For a year or two I could run large amounts of photos on my WordPress page. This saved me money and web space. Then all of a sudden my flickr “South Sliders” quit working. They would only link to FlickR. Now this was bad magic. The WordPress reps blamed FlickR. Then a really smart beautiful tech at FlickR showed me why the fault was with WordPress. So for a year I couldn’t run South Sliders. I had to use valuable WordPress Real Estate. Then one day I stumbled on SlickR FlickR.

All of a sudden everything works again. I didn’t have to go back and correct many posts. I bought the pro SlickR. But haven’t figured out how to enter the codes yet to present different styles of displays.

So for now you have to figure out just where to put your mouse or touch on your phone. For example this awesome photo of Mar is the feature photo to lead you to the page. The bottom photo is actually 142 photos. Make the slider go by touching the edge of the middle of the right side. A cursor pops up. You can scroll as fast as your memory on your computer will pull. Or you can go slow. Or you can make it go to FlickR by clicking on the hyper-links to Flickr.

Just an info type. Some of the photos get stretched in the process. I don’t know why. But I am always trying to learn something!

South FlickR Slickr

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